Japanese God of Darkness


In Japanese mythology, there are various deities associated with darkness, but there is no single god of darkness. Here are some of the deities that are associated with darkness in Japanese mythology:


  1. Amaterasu’s Brother: Susanoo, is the god of storms and the sea, and is often associated with darkness and chaos.
  2. Yami: the goddess of the underworld and darkness, who is sometimes depicted as a serpent or dragon.
  3. Kagutsuchi: the god of fire, who is also associated with darkness and destruction.
  4. Kuzuryu: the dragon god of the north, who is often associated with darkness, winter, and the element of water.
  5. Raijin: the god of thunder, who is sometimes depicted as a fierce, dark figure with drums.

It’s worth noting that in Shinto, the traditional religion of Japan, deities are not necessarily seen as being strictly good or evil, but rather as having both positive and negative aspects to their personalities and behaviors. Therefore, even deities associated with darkness can have positive aspects or be seen as playing an important role in the balance of the universe.

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