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पुणे कॅन्टोन्मेंट

This category focuses on news and information specific to the Pune Cantonment area in Maharashtra, India. It will encompass the following:

Cantonment Board Activities: Updates on initiatives, projects, and policies undertaken by the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB), the governing body.
Local Administration: News related to civic issues like sanitation, water supply, waste management, and infrastructure development within the Cantonment area.
Events & Notices: Information on local events, festivals, public awareness campaigns, and important notices issued by the PCB.
Cantonment History & Heritage: Stories and features highlighting the unique history, architectural heritage, and cultural significance of the Pune Cantonment.
Resident Issues: Updates on concerns faced by residents, community initiatives, and discussions on improving the quality of life within the Cantonment.
Real Estate: News related to property trends, development projects, and regulations specific to the Cantonment area.
Defense Matters: Information relevant to the Indian Army’s presence in the Cantonment, recruitment drives, and veterans’ affairs (if applicable).
This category aims to keep residents and those interested in the Pune Cantonment informed about the latest happenings and issues specific to this area.