WhatsApp Announces New Measures to Reduce International Scam Calls

New Enforcement Will Reduce Calling Rate by 50pc: WhatsApp Over International Scam Calls

WhatsApp has announced new enforcement measures that it says will reduce the rate of international scam calls by at least 50%. The new measures include:

  • Reducing the number of missed calls that users receive from international numbers. WhatsApp will now only allow users to receive a limited number of missed calls from international numbers before they are blocked.
  • Providing users with more information about the caller before they answer the call. WhatsApp will now display more information about the caller, such as their country code and the name of the company they are calling from.
  • Making it easier for users to report scam calls. WhatsApp will now make it easier for users to report scam calls by providing a dedicated button in the app.

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The new enforcement measures are part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to combat scam calls. In 2022, WhatsApp blocked over 2 billion scam calls. The company says that the new measures will help to further protect users from scam calls.

How to Protect Yourself from Scam Calls

There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself from scam calls:

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  • Never answer calls from unknown numbers. If you don’t recognize the number, don’t answer. Scammers often use spoofed numbers, which means that the number that appears on your caller ID may not be the actual number of the person calling you.
  • Be suspicious of calls that ask for personal information. Scammers often try to get your personal information, such as your bank account number or Social Security number. Never give out this information to someone you don’t know.
  • Hang up on calls that are pressuring you to act immediately. Scammers often try to pressure you into making a decision quickly, such as sending money or providing personal information. Don’t be afraid to hang up and call the company back on a number that you know is legitimate.
  • Report scam calls to the authorities. If you receive a scam call, report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can also report scam calls to your local law enforcement agency.

By following these tips, you can help to protect yourself from scam calls.

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