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Punecitylive.in News Website – Advertisement Rent

Punecitylive.in News Website – Advertisement Rent Chart

At Punecitylive.in, we offer various advertising options to help you reach a wide audience in Pune City. Our website attracts a significant number of visitors who are interested in local news, events, and updates. Advertising with us can provide excellent visibility and exposure for your brand. Please find below our advertisement rent chart and available ad formats:

1. Banner Ads:

– Top Banner (Homepage) – Rs.3,000 per month
– Sidebar Banner (Homepage) – Rs.  .3,000 per month
– Sidebar Banner (Category Pages) – Rs. .3,000 per month
– Bottom Banner (Homepage) – Rs. .3,000 per month

2. Sponsored Content:

– Sponsored Article (Homepage) – Rs. 7,500 per article
– Sponsored Article (Category Pages) – Rs. 5,000 per article

3. Video Ads:

– In-stream Video Ads (Homepage) – Rs. 12,000 per month
– In-stream Video Ads (Article Pages) – Rs. 10,000 per month

4. Pop-up Ads:

– Pop-up Ad (Homepage) – Rs. 5,000 per month
– Pop-up Ad (Article Pages) – Rs. 2,000 per month

5. Newsletter Ads:

– Sponsored Newsletter (One-time insertion) – Rs. 6,000 per newsletter
– Sponsored Newsletter (Weekly insertion) – Rs. 5,000 per month

6. Social Media Promotion:

– Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Post (Text) – Rs. 3,000 per post
– Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Post (Image) – Rs. 4,000 per post
– Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Post (Video) – Rs. 5,000 per post

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